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Fantastic place to eat good food and great service.
~ Steve Dobrowolski

Very flavorful food! Done perfectly. I am not brave when it comes to trying new things, I was very pleasantly surprised. We tried asparagus beef roll-tender and smooth flavor. Not over powering. Same with vegetable fried rice. Very different than I have ever tried, very good. Spicy pork was hot but not melt your face off. It was a nice heat. Coconut shrimp were excellent-dipping sauce made them amazing! Also the neighboring table had Saki bombs, looked like fun!
~ Wendy Cole

This place is brilliant. Delicious food. Well-mixed drinks. And incredibly friendly staff and owner. Go here, immediately.
~ Sarah Geisler

Excellent soup filled with exquisite seafood from a variety of sources. Atmosphere is incredible and the owner is a testament to the cuisine. Props to this establishment, would most certainly eat here again.
~ NoodleSauce2000

All the food is amazing...so is the owner. Careful with the Mai tai's.... sneaky! Hot stone bowl..Kimbo, kimchee pancake... my faves!
~ Robyn Smith

Amazing food every time and a very friendly staff!
~ Dillon Diaguila

One of my favorite places to eat. Lots of variety. Mai tais are the best!
~ Emily

Great place, great service, yummy food and owner is very accommodating. She is very attune to the guests and their needs. Everything is so fresh and flavorful. Can't say enough.
~ D Benoit

Very pleasant ambiance, great service and authentic foods :-).
~ Van-Khoi Bui

Very friendly staff this is my second visit here over here from England Asia a a must to visit when visiting my family
~ Sandra

The food was pretty good and the waitress and staff were attentive.There was a party going on in the back and because of that we had to wait a little over an hour before food came to us. By the time our meals did show up we were pretty hungry. I'm sure if there hadn't been an event going on under normal circumstances we would have gotten our food a lot quicker. The place is small, but has a cozy feeling and all the food that we ordered we were happy with and I would likely go back again to try a new dish. Pictured is the yakisoba with beef I had ordered.
~ Aaron W

The Korean food is made with skill and pride. We are huge fans!
~ Elizabeth Van Koningsveld

Excellent food. Great hospitality. Miss Kim is wonderful and funny. Very attentive to customers. A must go to if in Racine Wisconsin.
~ William Collier

Always excellent food, but the service can be slow.
~ Joe Altenbach

Great food! Great service!
~ Henry Grady

The food is excellent! Go, you'll love it!
~ Justin Schaefer

Friendly service amd delicious food! The prices are very reasonable and you get huge helpings of the food that you order. As a vegan I think its a great place to go because they have a lot of vegetarian/vegan options. Theres also a server who works there who is vegetarian. Thats great because shes very knowlegable and can help you pick out the best meal and knows all the best veggie friendly substitutions!
~ Allison Corby

Kind, funny, and witty staff. The food was delicious. I will be going back.
~ Kelsey Pangelinan

Great staff, a bit of a wait, but so worth it!! Entrees are huge, so make sure to share.
~ Shanice McTeer

Amazing food and staff. I would Highly recommended Asiana 's to all to enjoy. Definitely try the Asparagus Beef.
~ William Cross

Food is well priced and good portions. Owner is very friendly. Never have had a bad experience.
~ Peter Braun

One of the friendliest and most interesting dining places in Racine County.
~ Dean Calin

Love the food..and service is great. My grandkids love Kim the owner.
~ Jodie Barrios

Tonight was mine and my husband's first time here. Such a cute place and boy did we come in just at the right time! Very nice waitress that was very knowledgeable of the dishes and gave us recommendations as well as explained how the dishes worked. We wanted an appitizer and Whenever I see dumplings on a menu I have to order them....I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! I could tell these were the freshest and BEST pork dumplings I've ever tasted!! For entrees, my husband had pork curry and I opted for their main favorite Bi Bim Bob in a stone bowl...the waitress even made sure to ask me if I liked crispy rice because the bowl continues to cook the rice and I thought it was great that she asked this! Both of our entrees were filled with flavor and colorful fresh vegetables...absolutely satisfying. I wish we would've found this place sooner! Very nice service, great food, and nice atmosphere. Can't wait to go back!
~ Stephanie Gemino

2 thumbs up!
~ James Dawson

Love the food at Asiana. My wife and I have been coming here for years. Kim is the best. She mixes a mean drink and her kitchen is the cleanest in town. Her chicken wings are the best kept secret in south east Wisconsin.
~ Scott Goebel

Great food, Kim the owner is very nice as well. Highly recommend this place.
~ Ryann Braun

Great food, and staff.
~ Michael Palazzola

Great food and the best service!
~ Julie Maxwell

freshly made korean dishes. lots of appetizers to choose from. glad they have vegetarian options.
~ Evan Danby

Asian Cooking at Its Finest. Indian, Korean, Japanese fare for a great taste selection.
~ Pete Carroll

Great place with wonderful food must visit
~ Karthikeyan Sivakumar
Hit the spot.
~ Jason Hart

This place is amazing. Excellent food and drinks at reasonable prices.
~ Mark Infusino

Phenomenal food, with a great staff. Truly one of Racine's best.
~ Anonymous

Great locally.owned small business. First time trying Korean cuisine and it was amazing!
~ Phil Lloyd

Kim. Best restauranteur in Racine.
~ Michael Cienkus

Good food, and the Hostess works tirelessly for the enjoyment of her customers.
~ Andrew A

I love going to Asiana! I do not go often, but save it for special occasions. Kim is the owner and she has waited on me every visit. She is very involved and clearly has a passion for what she does. She has a great sense of humor. We love to order different dishes and share them amongst the table. Everyone I have taken there has enjoyed the experience tremendously. I can't compare it to any other Korean restaurants, but I definitely know it suits my taste.
~ Sue Slater

My husband and I went to Asiana for the first time in late April. The owner, Kim, was very friendly and explained the menu well. She was a lot of fun to talk to. The food was fabulous. We ordered a couple different appetizers as they are inexpensive and a great way to try something new. We also had the Bi Bim Bop and another noodle dish I can't remember the name of. Both were delicious. This will definitely be one of our "go to" restaurants from now on.
~ Terri Link

The Owner, Kim, was great and the food makes me want to take the 5 hour drive again. We had a brief cultural exchange and now we owe her some beaver tail meat! I'm working on it. Go and enjoy.
~ Anakwad

Very good food, worth going and big size portions!
~ Daniele Cereghino

Love this place and the owner is great. Food is great!
~ Shawn Johnson

Kim is an excellent hostess and the best way to bring in the new year!!
~ Michelle Fleischman

Excellent food!!!
~ Mary Ehleiter

I have been to Asianna two times and I haven't been disappointed at all. I love the owner too, what a great cook. I adopted 2 Korean girls and we went to the restraunt when my girls were younger and her children are 13 and 12 now and we will be going to Asianna on Saturday May 7th and will be celebrating my birthday. Hope to see you then.
~ Donna Gerke

The food is great. I have been coming here for years and have eaten everything. Kim makes awesome drinks and she is always cheerful even when she is really busy.
~ Dawn Imberi

Had the Chap Chew and was absolutely blown away with the deliciousness of this dish. Seriously can't believe I just found this place. Will definitely be back and sooner than later!
~ Kim Buisse

We went originally for the Kal Bi (marinated beef ribs) and instead also fell in love with the asparagus/beef wraps and the curry chicken over rice. Also, the marinated beef skewers were delicious (as was the sweet potato fries they were served on)! I will suggest you try many of the appetizers as a meal (take 2-4 per person) and share them amongst your table. It will be worth your time and dime!
~ Joshua Sopczak

Went for lunch - a little slow since it seemed to be the owner doing almost everything, but the food was so spectacular that I didn't mind a bit! I would highly recommend the Chap Chae - so delicious! And generous size (I took some to-go). We also had the beef-wrapped aspargas for an app and a GalBi for the other meal. All items were superb! I will most definitely be eating her again and again!
~ Margie Hamers

Really good food.
~ Benjamin Taft

Enjoy eating the food every time. the owner take pride in her work. Great cook!
~ Naketha Campbell

The food at Asiana is absolutely delicious, large dinner portions, well worth the money, don't pass up a chance to enjoy their wonderful service & food... YES you get wonderful service AND wonderful food!!!
~ Pynk Tankgyrl

Every item I tried from their great menu was terrific, The owner who is at times the cook, bartender, wait staff, and bus person takes great pride in her restaurant and her food. The best part of coming to the Asiana is how the owner will make you feel comfortable and welcome. So next time you crave something asian and delicious go to Asiana on 6th St in Racine.
~ Dale Destiche

Awesome food. Went the first time and kept going back. Love it!
~ Laura Paisley Chen

The person who gave Asiana one star needs to take the stick out their butt and stop exaggerating. Kim is a great women and does run the whole place by herself. Her story also has a few inconsistencies but that does not affect how good the food is here. Asiana is amazing try it yourself but please don't knock a restaurant if you're not well versed in other cultures food.
~ Jimmy Nguyen

Simply awesome!
~ Randy R

Chicken & Shrimp Fried Rice #1 Hands Down!
~ Men's Basketball League

It was amazing food and great service, hooked is all I can say.
~ Keren Morales

Great Korean food with a phenomenal chef.
~ Jacob L

Great food!
~ Mark Foster

#1 is #1!!!!
~ Julie Boehme

Great place!
~ Amy Smetana

Very good
~ Andrew K

~ Sean BrownHouses

~ Tanya Turok

I just had the pleasure of eating at Asiana last night and it was absolutely outstanding! The food was amazing and the staff made you feel so comfortable. I cannot wait for my next visit!
~ Anonymous

Service can be a little slow, but worth it! The owner takes great pride in her restaurant. Let her know if you are unhappy, she'll make it right.
~ Anonymous

I love eating there - their food is delicious! And it doesn't come out of a box - they make their own food. Very authentic!
~ Anonymous

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  Lunch: 11:30am - 2:00pm
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  Lunch: 11:30am - 2:00pm
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